Is Pakistan a good place to study? The top 10 universities 2022

good place to study


The study is a must for every student all over the world. Every student has to gain basic knowledge and apply it in his or her practical life. Today without study a person cannot survive in today’s life. Every student has to develop the skills by studying and by gaining knowledge. After developing the high skills and good knowledge always go to the research side and develop the new and latest devices/machines and projects which become easier and helpful for the humans and industries. Helpful from in the way which reduces the time and gives high productivity.

Is Pakistan a good place to study?

Pakistan is very good at their study or education. Many students are very hard work and intelligent because of the good education and high-ranking universities in Pakistan. Here are the Higher Education Department (HEC), and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) which control the education system level and solve issues. In Pakistan generally, PEC visits the universities for their ranking, and every year the ranking of the universities changes because there is very high competition of the universities. Thus Pakistan is a good place to study.

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 According to the ranking of 2022 in Pakistan the top 10 universities include are:

  1. National Universities of Sciences and Technology (Islamabad)
  2. National Universities of Computer and Emerging Science (Islamabad)
  3. International Islamic University (Islamabad)
  4. Aga Khan University (Karachi)
  5. Lahore University of Management Sciences (Lahore)
  6. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Islamabad)
  7. University of Engineering and Technology (Lahore)
  8. University of Punjab (Lahore)
  9. The University of Agriculture, (Faisalabad)
  10. The University of Lahore


the top 10 universities
                 the top 10 universities in Pakistan 2022


Is Pakistan good for education?

In Pakistan, first of all, a student completes his primary education and then studied secondary education and from here he goes to the higher education level. Some of the students go to O level and A level education, which is the best for students willing to go to other countries. Many of Pakistan’s students make their name in their study or education level and also in their research level.

Engineering fields in Pakistan:

There are many best universities in Pakistan for the higher education level. Many universities in Pakistan are studying different types of engineering in Pakistan for example Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Automotive engineering, Textile Engineering, Civil engineering, Industrial engineering, software engineering, etc. from which students are studied by their own merits and selected for eligibility criteria of engineering and after the graduation, some of them go to industry and solve the new and latest problems which are held in industries and also occur in the machines of the industries by applying their knowledge and to solve the new issues and also work on the production and quality of the materials or products by reducing the time. Some engineering students in Pakistan go to the research side for work on different types of machinery and develop new chemicals which are helpful and applicable at the industries level.

Medical fields in Pakistan:

Also, many universities are studying the medical fields in Pakistan which are come after the pre-medical such as Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of dental surgery(BDS), Doctor in Pharmacy (D-pharmacy), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine(DVM), BS Botany, BS Zoology, BS Microbiology, BS Biochemistry, BS Biotechnology, BS Pharmacology, etc. In Pakistan, the merits of MBBS and BDS are generally very high with respect to the other medical fields. These students in Pakistan go to the hospital to serve the people who help them with psychological and operational issues and gain experience. Some of the medical students in Pakistan not only go to the hospital but also work on the research side and develop the latest machinery which is applicable in hospitals and patients.

Computer Science fields in Pakistan:

And also many universities are studying other computer fields in Pakistan such as Computer Science (CS), Software Engineering (SE), Information Technology (IT), Computer Engineering (CE), Bio-informatics, Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), etc. Such students in Pakistan are going to the Banks and Administrations to handle data entry works and some students in are generally going to software houses where they work on web development, web designing, games development, the management of information systems, etc.

These are some fields described above other than there are also many fields which are studying in the universities of Pakistan such as arts fields which are also very vast fields in Pakistan and have the very scope and the students doing a great job with their skills in the art industry. Thus Pakistan doing a great job at the education level and it is very a good place to study.

Why not Pakistan for study?

No doubt Pakistan is a good place to study but it cannot beat the higher other countries till yet because of the lack of conceptual knowledge and skills with respect to the other countries. Actually, the fault is going to the system of education department in Pakistan where they cannot work on the development of concepts in students. Everyone, even students and teachers is paying attention to the marks because in Pakistan marks are the criteria that decide the level of the student and because of marks student is going to a good college or university. This race of marks diverts the students from the practical work. So, everyone is paying attention to the marks, not on the concepts, practical work, or skills which divert the students from the right way.

Why not Pakistan for study

In this situation, the students are the only ones who can handle this situation because the students are the power and they can bring change even in the government. They just have to realize their power then the system can be changed.

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